​​​​Bespoke Yoga with Amy Slevin
Amy is a Yoga teacher and former Osteopath, with an in depth understanding of the body and how yoga works with individual anatomy. 


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Bespoke Yoga


email: amyslevin@gmail.com
Phone 07770 770 729​​​​
Yoga Teacher and Qualified Osteopath
Amy no longer practises osteopathy and does not provide osteopathic treatment ​​but combines osteopathic knowledge and yoga to create ​yoga sequences relevant to you.
Amy uses manual techniques (sometimes while you’re in a pose) to help loosen tissues or promote muscle activation. 

Sequences tailored to how you feel on the day.


Amy works Magic with athletes​​!

​​She chooses poses that mimic your sports activities to enhance your performance.  

Amy makes the yoga applicable to your life and activities.

 She bends the rules of ‘alignment’ to make the yoga pose suit the person, not the other way around.

Private Yoga lessons with Amy Slevin
Combining yoga and osteopathic knowledge to get the best out of your body.
"I've taken quite a lot of yoga classes, and Amy is by far the most technically knowledgable, skilled and challenging teacher that I've found."
NH, London