I'm active but I've never done yoga before, what if I am rubbish?

- Everyone starts somewhere.  I have experience with complete beginners and will allow you to go at your own pace (but still push you!)​​  That is also the advantage of private tuition - you only have yourself to laugh at you!
I haven't done any exercise for ages and I'm worried that I'm not fit enough.

- That won't be the case for long...​​
Isn't yoga really boring?

- I thought so at first. And indeed, some of it is!  As a Parkour practitioner, I couldn't imagine how something that I perceived as static could be interesting. ​​The difference is an interesting practice and a fun teacher, and I like to think I provide both!
Frequently Asked Questions
I would do yoga but I'm not flexible...

- You do yoga to get flexible!​​
Can I try before I buy?

- Kinda.  There's no reason to commit to marriage on the first date.  Let's see how it goes at the initial consultation and if we both want to take it further we will.  
Isn't yoga just for sexy girls in fancy leggings?

- Hardly. In India where yoga originated, female practitioners are in the minority. ​​In the West the situation is reversed but there are plenty of men who practice yoga and put female practitioners to shame! Yoga requires a lot of strength, as well as flexibility, which is where men tend to win (not that it's a competition...).   
Is it all incense and Om's? 

- No. It's not that kind of party. ​ In fact, I hate incense.  It incenses me. 
What kind of yoga is it?
- In a nutshell it's a combination of many different types, predominantly vinyasa (moving from one position to another - basically a bit of fast and a bit of slow).  On days where your energy is low, you'll do gentle movement to unstick your body with very little effort.  Kinda like rolling around on the floor. 
I just want to do yoga for fun, can we skip the consultation and jump straight in?

- What are you waiting for?
I'm old and decrepit. Will I break?

Hopefully not... Sequences will be modified to respect your body in its current condition. 
Do you insist on going upside down? I get dizzy when I do.

I don't insist; you don't have to do anything you don't want to do.​​
I'm a macho sportsman and yoga isn't good for my image. 

- I don't teach and tell.  The gains you'll see in your performance will outweigh any stick you get from the rest of the team (who are secretly doing yoga, too). But really, no one's judging. 
Bespoke Yoga
I want to do yoga with a few friends and we are all different.  How does that work?

- I will teach a more general class and offer individual modifications as they arise.​​ The awesome thing is that you can request a theme that you all want to work on as a group (eg arm balances) and off we go!